Wednesday, April 15, 2009


After around eighty years the United States welfare state economy has finally reached a saturation point. 

Class I will try to keep this lecture very short and not become long winded. However, I keep hearing these so called experts talking about a recovery and getting back to business as usual, I say poppycock, I totally disagree.

I believe our only chance of survival is draconian tax cuts. From a wisdom point of view every economy must sooner or later face a bust or rebirth cycle, it is a law of nature. 

People with money and power will never willingly accept the bust side of the “Boom and bust” cycle because for obvious reasons, they may lose everything.

However, it is going to happen sooner or later no matter what man does. It is a law of nature. It is the only way Mother Nature has of getting rid of waste, inefficiency, crud, moral decay and every other kind of anti-survival threat. 

Otherwise, anti-survival threats would become too powerful for mankind to exist.

Just look around to where we are headed moral and culture wise, we are headed off the chart and no law is gonna stop it. Now, let’s turn to the greatest danger and threat to Western civilization that exist today, the “Welfare state.” 

And even worse very few have the wisdom to see it. In my view no form of government has ever existed that is as dangerous as a welfare state.

It is like a sleeper; all the while it is eating and rotting away the inner core of a nation’s very means of existing and almost everyone seems to be asleep like nothing matters. 

It is a system of winner take all, it will leave almost nothing in place to reorganize on to survive as a people.

You hear me mentioning the stone age a lot, well, when you have no culture with a strong moral code left, when you have no strong nuclear and extended family system left, and no emergency bartering capacity left, then you have no where else to go but back to square one, the stone age.

Lastly, let me walk through what happened to this still great nation that began with the “New deal.” The intention was to do good by helping the poor. 

However, the liberals seized the opportunity to grab power and hold on to it and they did for forty years. But, my God! What a Cost! We are done, cooked!

It created this welfare state that snatched the social and family provider role from the traditional family head of household, without carrying out the hands on discipline that instilled self-restraint and respect for authority in young black men. 

That is why California blacks make up nearly 80 percent of the prison population and only around 5 percent of the general population.

The welfare state forced businesses our job providers to finance its super family provider role out of their profits. 

This act caused businesses to have to raise their prices to survive. When businesses were forced to raise their prices it raised the cost of living on everyone.

By government becoming a super family provider and giving out money on an individual basic that created a large enough pool of people with the money to keep price raising merchants in business, thereby pushing the cost of living up even higher. 

As the cost of living goes up, the government needs more and more tax money to support it's ever growing provider role.

The whole thing created this vicious inflationary spiraling we have today, where businesses need to keep raising prices to make a profit and government need to keep raising taxes to support its super provider role. 

Sorry folks, I wanted to keep this lecture a lot shorter, but it is just too much going on. Class dismiss.BACK TO HOME BASE